Friday, October 8, 2010

Adding SO2 and Pectic Enzyme

Immediately following the crushing and destemming, you will want to add some Sulfur Dioxide.  The easiest form of this is Campden Tablets.  They are actually K-metabisulfite but after dissolved in water they function as your SO2.  And you add 1 tablet per gallon of must, so easy measuring.

As described in the video, add your SO2 mixture to the must, then pectic enzyme powder (1/2 tsp per gallon).  Make sure you add everything to your must or wine in liquid form.  Usually mixing a little warm water (not too much) with your powder will suffice. 

Here is the video:

It may sound a little counter-intuitive to be adding SO2 to your must, before your yeast, but it serves to kill any wild yeasts that may be on the grapes.  And wine yeast is strong enough to usually override any SO2.  But give it at least 24 hours after you added your SO2 before you pitch your yeast.

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