Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our trip to Crown Winery

We made a trip to Humboldt, TN this past weekend to interview the owners of Crown Winery for an article I'm writing.  Crown Winery is very unique.  It is the only winery outside of California that is powered completely by solar power.  Pretty amazing.

Crown Winery has been open only a year or so, but they already have some award winning wines.  They have a sparkling wine, Tiara, that won a gold at the Indy International Competition this past year.  Their remaining selection ranges from chambourcins to noiret blends, to rose`s, and chardonel white wines.  They are also making a jump into the world of vinifera with sangiovese planted a couple of years ago.  Should see that wine by next fall.

The owners of Crown Winery are great people.  I really have a lot of respect for them.  They work day and night to make that place a success.  You can tell right away when someone puts all of their heart and soul into what they do.

They both have fascinating backgrounds.  Peter is British, and a gas physicist by trade and Rita is a former Miss Tennessee and was an actress in Europe.  They met while skiing in Austria.

The best part is that they're making world class wines in only a couple of years.    Here are some pics of the place.

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  1. Beautiful blog you have. This is my first visit. I hope to learn a lot about wine industry from someone like you. It's my real pleasure. BTW I just followed you on NetworkedBlog. I hope to see more posts in the days to come. Have a wonderful journey.



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